Yorky's Infinity Dog Necklace

Yorky's Infinity Dog Necklace


Did You Know that there are a lot of mammals that are born fully functional—such as deer and cattle? This is because these animals need to be able to run away from predators, so being born with the ability to do so is necessary for their survival. However, other animals like canines, survive in the wild by hunting. If a female were to be pregnant for a long time (i.e. have a long gestation period), it would slow her down. So, it’s to their advantage that their pups come out as quickly as possible, even if it means that they’re not fully developed (that way, she can keep them safe in a den while she goes out to hunt). This explains why puppies are born looking so helpless, with their eyes closed. They’re actually born blind and deaf. It takes several weeks for their eyes to fully develop and for their ear canals to open.

Walk With Your Beloved Pet Wearing Our Adorable Yorky Necklace.

Guaranteed Head and Dog Turner.

Our Yorky Necklace Jewelries are a Perfect Gift for Any Dog Lover. 

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