GPS Dog Tracker - Water-Resistant Collar

GPS Dog Tracker - Water-Resistant Collar


Afraid that your frisky pet will get lost? 

Ever experienced looking for your dog for hours, that dread filling you up because you're thinking of the worst-case scenario?

Our GPS Dog Collar Tracker can tell you where your pet is at anytime! You can even set a boundary that will make the app warn you when your dog will go beyond that. It's the ULTIMATE ANSWER to all your greatest fear of your pet getting lost!

Excellent Design: It is compact and lightweight. It will not weigh your dog down. Looks very cute!
 GPS Function: The pet tracker can locate your pet anywhere, you can see the location and movement of your best friend on your phone.
 Safety Fence: You can set an area in the locator. This feature will alarm you immediately when your dog enters or leaves the area.
 Remote Listening: You can set the setting on the phone to immediately access the guide. 
 Water-resistant: Suitable for use in a variety of environments. Helpful when you go camping or hiking with your dog!
Two Location Modes: Default mode: download location every hour, 3-5 days in standby; Accurate mode: download location every 30 seconds, 12-15 hours standby time

Order today and be at ease knowing that you can always find your best friend no matter where he goes.

Material: ABS + rubber
Collar Diameter: 6-12 cm
Adjustable Collar Circumference: 43-58 cm
Network: GSM / GPRS
Battery: Built-in 500mAh Li-ion Battery
GPS Accuracy: 2-5m

Storage Temperature: -40-85  
Operating temperature: -20-55 

Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up

Not included: Sim Card

Note: Please download application first before use. Scan the QR code in the manual. 



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