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Fully Customizable (Own Picture) Pillowcase

Fully Customizable (Own Picture) Pillowcase

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Dogs brings color not only to our house but in our lives in general. Honestly, can you live your life without dogs? I bet I will hear a "Never"!
Now, imagine yourself taking a nap together with your dog while hugging a pillow with the picture of your beloved pet? Isn't that the coolest nap you can ever take? Get this together with your friends and make it a theme of your group. It is also a perfect gift to anyone who also loves their pets.
We can print pictures of your dogs or any other picture in this product. Here are the details:
  • We need HD (high definition) pictures only.
  • We need 1000px*1000px picture size or more.
  • You need to send us the picture of your dog to and we will let our designers put the picture on the product. The designer will need 1-5 days to finish this process, it will vary depending on the amount of work our designers have. Attach the pictures above.

NOTE: This product is only a pillow cover. Pillow inner isn't included. The size of this pillow cover is 50cm*50cm.

Perfect Gift for Any Dog Lover.

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