Fully Customizable (Own Picture) Doormat

Fully Customizable (Own Picture) Doormat

Dogs bring color not only to our house but in our lives in general. Honestly, can you live your life without dogs? I bet I will hear a "Never"!
Now, imagine how great of a feeling seeing your dog's beautiful portrait the moment you enter your doorsteps. What's best is your dog is most likely going to be sitting right above his twin doormat. You can get this together with your friends and you can make it a theme of your houses. It is also a perfect gift to anyone who also loves their pets. 
We can print pictures of your dogs or any other picture in this product. Here are the details:
  • We need HD (high definition) pictures only.
  • We need 1000px*1000px picture size or more.
  • You need to send us the picture of your dog to social@mylittleyorky.com and we will let our designers put the picture on the product. The designer will need 1-5 days to finish this process, it will vary depending on the amount of work our designers have. Attach the pictures above.

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