Baby Shower Bracelet

Baby Shower Bracelet


A baby is a blessing, a gift from above. A precious little angel, to cherish and to love - Pregnancy is one of the biggest events of our lives. We need to enjoy and cherish every step of the process. One way to celebrate this huge blessing, is by way of a baby shower.

We have sold over 200 Baby Shower bracelets this year. Most of them are friends who are hosting a Baby Shower for their dear friends who are expecting a baby. If you have a close friend who are expecting a baby, this is a wonderful gift for the Baby Shower. Distribute it to all of the participants of the party. It will stand as a perfect remembrance of this unforgettable occasion.

Do you want other colors? Please let us know your requests as we can also make any colors of this bracelet.

If you plan to buy in bulk (3+ pieces), please message us so we can give you a discount.

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