Yorky's Personalized Name Tags

Yorky's Personalized Name Tags


Did You Know that Dogs have been with humans since prehistoric times. Over the years they have performed various services. They have pulled sleds over snowy tracts. They have delivered messages, herded sheep and cattle, and even rescued persons trapped in the snow. Dogs have served as a source of food, too. The ancient Romans are said to have prized certain kinds of dog stew. The Aztecs of ancient Mexico raised tiny dogs, thought to be the forebears of the chihuahua, to feed the large carnivores in the private zoos of the Aztec rulers. In the past dogs have even been worshiped as gods. Recently, they have been used in drug research, medical experimentation, and space science. Soviet scientists launched dogs into space to test the ability of mammals to survive the rigors of space travel before people were sent up.

Please note:

Pet Name: up to 8 letters

A maximum of 3 lines per side can be engraved with up to 50 characters (including spaces).

The more characters on a line, and the more lines you use, the smaller the engraved text will be.

Text will ALWAYS be engraved exactly as you write it and CENTERED on the tag.

Please mark each sides text as Side A and Side B as the sample below and before sending please make Sure to carefully check the text you have entered for errors because

Once engraved tags are non-refundable and for obvious reasons are non-returnable.

Sample text(paw print shape just engraved back side)

Side A:


Side B:

John Smith

24 Easy Street

01273 612807

Walk With Your Beloved Pet Wearing Our Personalized Name Tag.

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