Get Yorkified: The Ultimate Yorky Care Guide for Beginners

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If you are considering a smaller sized pooch for your companion this Yorkie Care Guide has all you need to know. The Yorkie is a pint-sized beauty with a set of eyes that stop shows and steal hearts. Their small size coupled with an adorable personality make them the ideal companions to tag along to any event. But, the Yorkie size and temperament also call for special care and training if you hope for a rewarding relationship with your tiny terrier.

So, expect the unexpected with your intelligent and loyal yorkie and be sure to apply the copious advice found in this Yorkie Care Guide.


Yorkie Care Guide


What you Need to Know about Yorkies

Did you know these dogs were first bred as suitably sized rat hunters capable of chasing their quarry into the bowels of the home if necessary? Even though they will rarely weigh more than 7 pounds when fully grown, you can count on plenty of energy, fight and personality in there. The Yorkie makes a grade A watchdog that's why every owner needs a thorough study of a Yorkie Care Guide. Even though their miniature bark wouldn’t intimidate a kitten, they regularly pick fights with dogs ten times their size. Part of Yorkie temperament requires your protection from such bravery.

Your Yorkie is also very smart and totally confident, they are just small enough that these traits won’t easily get out of your reach though. With proper positive training the Yorkie is very obedient and will follow your instructions immediately.


Yorkie Care Guide


In addition to their intelligence, Yorkies can be especially mischievous and will push their boundaries just to check who's boss. Don’t give them an inch, a spoiled Yorkie can be a real pain in the patella to keep up with. Be sure you cool their feisty temper with plenty of socialization once big enough to head outside. This will keep them cool and friendly, truly rounding out their adorable Yorkie personality.


Yorkies are picky about what they eat, but if given half a chance they will eat themselves to obesity. Special care is needed to keep their weight balanced and avoid certain health conditions. One problem with feeding a Yorkie from the table is that it can start habits. Soon the Yorkie will be there each mealtime and neglect their proper feeding.

After this point is understood, Yorkies can be fed certain foods from your table. Fresh fruits and veggies are always a good idea as the fiber and water is beneficial. Lean meats and organ foods are good as well, just be sure they are not loaded with salt, or other ingredients that can upset their health balance. Finally, carbs can be fed to a yorkie in moderation, brown rice is the best idea, but pastas are okay in moderation. If you have a diabetic Yorkie you will want to cut these carbs from their diet.

Try to have a set of two or three mealtimes where you feed your Yorkie and not allow them free rein over their dietary options. Also, any Yorkie Care Guide (or Dog Guide in general) is sure to advise you to always, always your Yorkie with a constant supply of fresh clean water.


Yorkie Feeding

Training Your Yorkie

No Yorkie Care Guide is complete without the topic of training and you will need a good plan or professional help. On the other hand, Yorkie training can be easy, fun and a great bonding experience. Coming up with a plan is fairly simple too. The biggest key to Yorkie toilet training, good socialization and proper response to commands is in having easily defined and attainable goals.

Development is an important thing to remember when beginning to train a Yorkie puppy. A 2-month old puppy can’t be expected to hold their bowels for more than a couple hours and a 3-month old for three hours, and so on till 8 months. Never expect a well-fed dog to go for more than 10 hours without bathroom needs.

Ideally the Yorkie will have a special spot out of doors where they can perform their evacuations in peace. Take an intuitive approach to this, choose a spot that will function in the rain, snow, sandstorms and sunshine. Keep this spot away from the BBQ pit and other lawn furniture or play equipment.

When taking the puppy outside for their business, allow them plenty of time (10 to 15 mins) and few distractions. Once you have dominated the toilet training aspect, and suitably socialized your Yorkie puppy with positive canine and human influences, your companion will be amicable and compliant. You will find that introducing other voice commands and responses can be accomplished the same way.

Remember to always keep your reactions positive and friendly with your Yorkie. Your Yorkie has a limited understanding of your words but a full grasp of tones, use this to your advantage.


Yorkie Training 


Yorkie Grooming

The Yorkie's thin silky hair will become easily matted and tangled without regular grooming. Yorkies don’t shed so it is easy to grow their hair out quite long, which will be necessary if you hope to enter them in a dog show.

You will need a set of grooming instruments and proper yorkie hair products as well. If your Yorkie's hair is especially long, you will need to comb it out once a day. Regularly brushing your Yorkie's hair will keep it softer and healthier. Keep a small spray bottle of conditioner mixed with water to make this process much easier.

The best time for a haircut is just before you give them a full bath. This will keep their fine silky hair from becoming matted and tangled. Use scissors and a comb for this simple task. Yorkie styling is fairly simple and with a box of multi colored bows you can allow your imagination to go wild. With practice, you can become quite the proficient stylist just practicing on a Yorkie's easy-to-manage hair.

The best thing about these all is that Yorkies seem to love all the attention and process. Be sure to include this in their training and make grooming a positive fun time for all involved. Diet matters here too. Introducing a small amount of fish liver oil into their diet can also do wonders for their hair. If the hair has become severely tangled, you may need a professional groomer to restore their good looks.

With all information contained and presented in this Yorkie Care Guide, you're sure to be loved by any Yorkie!

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