The Most Talented Dog Breeds in the World

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           “Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong”.

–W.R. Purche

You might have heard of dogs auditioning for talent competitions around the world. Some remarkable talented dogs are Wendy, Marc Metral’s the talking dog, the Hypnodog, the counting dog Tilly, and the Pomeyo family dogs. They are talented dogs who won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Just like them, we might have dogs that are just as talented as them. We can’t deny the fact that dogs, just like humans, are candidates on having special abilities and characteristic features.


talented dogs


If you are looking forward on having a talented dog, consider the following dog breeds recommended by Puppy Lover News:


1. The Dutch Shepard Dog

Many larger-sized dogs are not usually known for being talented, agile, or smart for that matter. However, this breed definitely makes the list of those that are talented to say the least. The Dutch Shepard dog breed is a highly agile and active breed, which bodes well for rescues and tricks that other dog breeds cannot learn. In addition to being an agile and talented dog breed, the Dutch Shepard dog breed is known for being a loyal and affectionate, thus making this breed a great family pet.


2. The American Foxhound

Interested on joining dog shows?

This dog breed has been known to wow and dazzle at dog shows around and for good reasons. The American foxhound is a shorter breed and shows loyalty and dedication to owners. This breed is not necessarily the most socialized and is actually known to be aggressive towards other breeds. The aggressive nature of this dog should not be a cause for worry as it is still a talented dog breed and one of the best hunting breeds around. The head on this breed is typically dome shaped and the legs are built for strength.


3. Black Russian Terrier

Just as you guessed this breed originates from Russia and was once used as a military dog. This breed makes a highly talented breed for protection and intelligence because of its strict ability to sense many things due to its impeccable nervous system. This protective quality is a great adaptation that many families enjoy and its instincts make this dog one of the best for protection and defense. The dog breed typically has black curly hair and is about a medium sized, which is ideal as a family pet.


4. The Bloodhound

This is one of the oldest breeds that can hunt many differing scents and smells. The bloodhound breed is known for assisting police and other law enforcement personnel, making this breed a talented and necessary dog breed for the protection of many individuals. This breed is known for helping to solve many difficult police cases and it is an ideal breed for hunting game. These dogs are adorable and make a fine addition to any family dynamic. Cheers to all the Bloodhounds working for safety and security!


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5. The Beagle

This is a similar breed as far as its purpose and functionality to the bloodhound. The beagle is a great family dog with an impeccable nose for scents and smells, similar to the bloodhound. This dog breed is also used in many law enforcement cases and they have even been used to detect narcotics, certain agriculture, as well as many differing items at the Customs and Border Patrol. Beagles tend to have a howling bark and they make a great companion for any family.


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6. The German Shepherd

This is a large talented breed dog that is one of the smartest dog breeds ever. The German Shepherd is a breed that serves in the U.S. active duty in the police force as well as in the military. The primary task, or job, is to smell out many different scents and smells to help assist police and military staff. This breed has the best nose around and can find even the smallest smells with no problem. In addition to making a great workforce breed, the German Shepherd is a common household pet that can serve as a protector and as a friend. They are large dogs and typically are pretty active and energetic.


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7. The Poodle

When you consider a dog breed that is talented and smart, one must throw the poodle into the mix. This dog is the seventh most popular dog breed around and they tend to be very active, smart, and friendly dog breed. One reason this dog breed is considered to be talented and smart is due to its ability to excel in obedience and training. This breed is a perfect breed to welcome to the family and one of the most interesting facts about this breed is that it is always one color.

You might want to add a poodle in your family!


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8. The Weimaraner

Dogs that are active and full of energy tend to be considered dumb and untrainable. The Weimaraner breed is hardly a dumb breed and is a highly talented breed, both physically and mentally. This dog is well socialized and is easily trained, making it one of the most talented mentally. Physically, this breed is better than most. They can guard, fetch, hunt, and point. In addition, teaching this breed tricks for the dog show is something that may seem easy due to its talents and skills.


talented dog breeds

talented dog breeds


9. The Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a smart and active breed that is one of the most common in the household. They are highly adaptable to training and can make a great skills dog in shows. The golden retriever breed is best known for its socializing and for its hunting ability, thus giving this dog the skill as being a hunting friend and companion. These dogs can be a friend, pet, and in some cases, a seeing-eye or hearing dog for those who are disabled. They make some of the cutest puppies and they can play fetch for hours, hence why this breed is a staple in households all over.


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10. The Border Collie

This breed is actually considered to be the smartest dog breeds you can get, mainly because they are able to retain commands and training better than any other breed around. The primary function of this dog breed is for herding and is extremely fast at comprehending new commands. Some state that the Border collie is able to learn something new within five times or less. Yes, five times saying a command and this dog comprehends the meaning of this command. The Border collie makes a great household pet and may actually dazzle at any dog show you show the dog.


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11. The Boxer
Many consider this dog breed to be dumb due to the energetic nature of the dog, but the truth is the boxer is a loving and talented dog. Known for their athletic ability, the boxer is highly capable dog breed for skills events and agility tricks. The boxer is capable of learning new commands with proper training and it makes a great household pet. This breed needs to burn off a lot of energy on a daily basis and it takes a patient owner to stand by commands and rules in order to help this dog breed around.

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12. The Jack Russell Terrier

This dog breed is a common household pet and they are a talented dog breed. This breed is known to be easily trained and with the right trainer, the Jack Russell Terrier makes an ideal fit for skills competitions and obstacles. While many dog breeds that are athletic get labeled as being smart, this breed defies this logic and demonstrates that talent and skills can go with brains.


talented dog breeds


Having a talented dog will definitely fill your life with happiness and beatitude. If you have one, don’t forget to make your dog stay happy and healthy. Also, strengthen your bond with your dog! After all, humans and dogs are unlikely to separate. Together, let us discover, foster and nurture dogs’ talents!


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