Four Faithful Dog Stories of Unconditional Love

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Faithful dog stories give us real life examples of loyalty and unconditional love. For thousands of years, dogs have proven their loyalty to humans. This have given their title as “man’s best friend”. Together, humans and dogs create unforgettable memories. Hence, dogs will always play a special role in our hearts.


Let’s look at four faithful dog stories that will melt your heart:


Hachi a dog's tale


A faithful dog story about unconditional love, loyalty and faithfulness.


In 1924, Eizaburo Ueno, a professor adopted Hachiko, an Akita puppy as a pet. Eizaburo and Hachi lived in Shibuya, a district in Tokyo. This is a special place where they spent memories together. Hachi would walk with his new master to a train station to accompany him off to work.


As Hachi grew older, he practiced a routine of going over at the nearby Shibuya station every afternoon to welcome his master and go home together.


One day, Hachi was usually waiting for his master. However Professor Ueno never showed up. Professor Ueno died from cerebral hemorrhage at work that same day causing him to never return back.


Hachi was then given away to the gardener of the Ueno family. However, the loyal dog managed to keep going in the Shibuya station every afternoon for 9 years.


As years passed, people in the Shibuya station noticed Hachi and his actions also attracted the attention of the commuters. People started talking about Hachi and how he faithfully waits for his master to return home.


In 1932, a newspaper reporter published the faithful dog story of Hachiko in one of the largest newspapers in Japan. The story of the faithful dog inspired a lot of people which led Hachi to becoming one of the famous Dogs in Japan.


Hachi died on March 8 1935 near the Shibuya train station. A dog statue was made to honor the loyalty and faithfulness of Hachi. This true faithful dog story inspired books and movies which reminded people of the beauty of love and faith.




A Dog’s Unconditional Love: The Story of Fred


A faithful dog story on love and companionship.


One day, an 11 year-old Alyssa Silva, diagnosed by a spinal muscular atrophy received the good news of being eligible for a service dog from Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization that trains dogs with people who have physical disabilities and other special needs.


Together with her parents, they flew to Georgia to participate in a two-week training camp at Canine Assistants. Alyssa went through different tasks and intense training to help her find out the dog she will be adopting.


During training, some dogs stayed attentive on little Alyssa. However, it is only with the golden retriever named Fred whom she developed a connection.


The time came where they have to be paired up with a dog. Alyssa wished for Fred and true enough, the dog trainer paired up Alyssa and Fred. That was one of the memories Alyssa would never forget.


For ten years, Fred and Alyssa created a special bond like no other. They became the best of friends who can understand each other’s feelings and emotions. Alyssa even talked about the faithful dog story in her blog.


However, Alyssa started getting sick a few months after. The loyal and protective dog then would snout in Alyssa’s face to check up on her. The heart touching dog had a routine of checking up Alyssa and staying by her side to comfort her.


On August 24 of 2014, Alyssa lost her best friend. Fred’s body deteriorated that caused his death. However, Alyssa realized that her best friend is no longer in pain and that he will always stay in her heart forever. 



Charlie’s Story- The Unconditional Bond between Human and Canine


A heartwarming and emotional faithful dog story on loyalty and special friendship. In 2009, police officer Anna took home a stray dog she and her partner found in East Tampa. Fear was already evident on the dog. The poor dog even urinated at the sight of a Chihuahua.


Officer Anna introduced the dog to Shiela, her co-worker. Of course, she was certain that she couldn’t take the dog home. Soon after, Shiela named the Charlie Bear.


The Officers decided that Wendell, Sheila’s father was the perfect man for Charlie. Wendell kept Charlie for three days, but sadly, he asked Anna to come pick Charlie up.


Charlie saw a full page ad for Adoption Expo and asked whether they are going to send Charlie there. Sheila agreed and Wendell worried himself about the uncertainty of Charlie being adopted by a good family.


Charlie decided to live with Charlie. Wendell would cook for Charlie 3 times a day. As a result, the dog gained weight. Wendell fell in love with Charlie. Charlie never left Wendell’s side. He lived with his owner until the last few years of Wendell’s life. Charlie was there when Wendell took his last breath on December 30, 2010.


Charlie took it hard to cope with Wendell’s death. He would lay on Wendell’s bed and refuse to leave his room. After some time, he started living with Sheila. Sheila had nine cats. Charlie being a cat killer, Sheila was determined to change him through positive reinforcement.


True enough, Charlie learned to love the cats like he loved Wendell. He would sleep beside a cat that was also named Charlie. The faithful dog story of Charlie and Wendell inspired many people including Shiela. He is now living with her in ten-acres. Still, hoping that his best friend will come home.



A Story of Unconditional Love - The Sasha Story


An inspirational faithful dog story on the loyalty, strength and genuine love.


One day, Betsy Powe took home a 5-weeks-old boxer puppy. She named her Sasha. She and her husband had dreams of living with a boxer. Through time, Betsy and her husband fell in love with Sasha.


When Sasha was 3 years old, Betsy’s husband passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. His husband was only 36. Sasha, Betty and his two boys got devastated. Sasha would sit by the door every night waiting for his master to come home. She would cry in the bed when his master wasn’t able to come home.


One night, when Betsy couldn’t take the emotional pain. She rested her head on her knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. Sasha came and sat beside her. She put her nose under Betsy’s chin and pulled her head up so she can lick the tears from Betsy’s face.


They spent time together showing love for each other. She was an angel sent for the family. The faithful dog story of Sasha reminded Betsy and her two boys that they can still have a happy life.   


When Sasha turned 6, she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and given 6 months to live. Betsy prayed every night for Sasha’s healing. Sasha remained strong as she had been for 6 years. With great strength and prayers, Sasha turned 10 on January 3, 2013. However, she developed tumors in her hind legs that hindered her to walk. One tumor was removed but two eventually developed. Sasha made sure to look strong. She was keeping the pain inside. Betsy always reminded Sasha of how thankful she is for her. Yet the time came where Sasha wasn’t able to get up. On April 20, 2013 Betsy lost Sasha. As sad as it could be, Betsy was able to be thankful for the amazing years she had with Sasha. She is certain that one day, they will meet again.



“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” –Josh Billings (a.k.a Henry Wheeler Shaw)


The love of dogs for humans has no measure. Whatever happens, dogs will stay at our side. They will never judge the things that we do. When the world gives us chaos, dogs will continue to cheer us because loving for them is so natural.            

These faithful dog stories has proven the worth of dogs in our lives. Dogs come and go. These true dog stories of loyalty teaches us to love our dogs unconditionally. Dogs give genuine love to people every day, it’s time we reciprocate it. 

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